About Us

The best judge of our products is you, the customer. If you have any suggestions we’ll always lend a ready ear.

MIKE & HALEY – Owners Tussock Creek


Quality Products

Moleskin trousers and jeans are our business. We specialise in moleskin fabrics and supply hard wearing quality moleskin trousers and jeans which are designed to last. We pride ourselves on our ability to choose the best fabrics and provide you, the outdoor enthusiast, with the best styles.

Durable Trousers

As an outdoor person, you'll want our all-purpose, outdoor moleskin trousers and jeans. They're made to be durable, yet comfortable. Designed by outdoor enthusiasts for outdoor enthusiasts, our moleskin trousers and jeans handle the rough and tumble the rugged outdoor lifestyle brings. Common moleskins just won’t hack it.

Work Wear

Our moleskin trousers and jeans will and are designed with a combination of heavy-duty construction and lightweight comfort. If you want something in moleskin clothing we don’t already make, let us know and we'll see what we can do for you. We've been making moleskin clothing for over 25 years now, so we know the business.

Our moleskin fabric is produced exclusively for Tussock Creek.